Increases property value

Having a home elevator installed can add significant value to your home, making it a profitable investment. Many prospective homebuyers today gravitate toward homes featuring elevator access. This is because many buyers are looking to the future where accessibility may become a big deal for them, should their mobility diminish. Even if you’re not currently benefitting from every aspect of the elevator, it can significantly increase your home’s resale value.


Elevators for home use, in general, can make trips of climbing stairs or moving heavy, bulky items much easier. This functionality is especially noticeable in residential settings where groceries, decorating, and everyday chores are a daily occurrence. Improving your mobility is one of the leading benefits of utilizing home elevators. Of course, those who require greater physical effort to move about their multi-level home will benefit from an elevator the most, simply eliminating much of the average legwork of traversing your home or conveying objects is a benefit any homeowner can enjoy.


Few people realize that a home elevator takes up much less space than standard stairwells. This can open up the house, providing owners with more space. Homeowners that choose to invest in a residential elevator can easily increase the useable square footage of their home, which ultimately helps to increase future resale value. You could also use such an elevator to carry groceries, luggage, and even your children without worrying about a tiring trek up the stairs.

Make a style statement

Installing an elevator will undoubtedly add a style to your home. The sheer variety of designs means that there is a look to suit the taste of every homeowner and home décor. It subtly blends with a room’s décor and allows natural light to flood in, particularly if the residential elevator is placed in front of or close to a window. Once the lift is stationed upstairs, only two slim line stilts remain, leaving the look and feel of your room exactly as you like it. When the lift is downstairs, a section of your flooring (attached to the lid of the elevator car) ensures the flow of your upstairs flooring is unaffected and the lift cavity is filled.

Ease of use

Just about everyone has had to use an elevator at least once in their life, and residential elevators are no different from commercial models found in business and office buildings. At the push of a button, you could be moving between floors of your house.

Space-saving design

As the technology advances and engineers learn more about how to reduce the amount of space required by the elevator and its motor, residential elevators can be designed to take up less space than a stairwell. They can be installed on the exterior of a house to be flush with the wall, or built in such a way as to effectively open up space that was previously unavailable or unused.

Fast Installation

The construction and preparation stage can take as little as 2-3 days with minimal disruption and mess for you and your home.
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We provide customers with residential elevators that help make day-to-day living better. Every home elevator has an innovative design to create the ultimate experience but every elevator is available with a variety of customization.

ThyssenKrupp is one of the leading suppliers for mobility solutions in both homes and public areas. Our product portfolio includes stairlifts, platform lifts, Home Elevators for wind turbines as well as passenger boarding bridges.

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Asked Question?

What is a Home Elevator?
Home elevator or home lift is a customized designed for ease of movement within the house floors. Unlike commercial elevators they require less space, energy and are easy to install on a constructed or in progress house.
Why do homeowners choose a residential elevator?
Homeowners prefer elevator for functionality as it makes easy to move heavy objects. The space required is very minimal. It enhances the security and safety for individual with less mobility and small children.
Where do you install a Home Elevator?
The customer can install the lift as per their requirement indoor and outdoor. The modern lift has customization at all level; you can choose the doors opening direction at different level. The provision can be made in any style of building
How safe are Home elevators?
The product is certified by independent authorities for safety. The home elevator system has power back up system that will ensure a safe landing. The inside of lift is equipped with safety features such as emergency button and even a telephone to provide connectivity immediately.
Can you customize your Home Elevator?
Yes, the lift can be customized to suit your taste and requirement. We can provide different style of door opening, flooring patterns, side walls color and design, control panel, lighting.
How much does a Home Elevator cost?
The cost depends upon the style and elevation technology as per your requirement. You can customize the design and size of the lift which will help to serve you in more personalized manner.
Can I install home elevator in my existing home?
Yes, one of our engineers can visit your house to provide an exact idea about the installation process. The lift is functional in a constrained space so it makes it easier to operate in all building structures.
What is pit and headroom in home elevator?
Home lift is engineered to consume less space and more utility. Therefore, most of our products require no pit or headroom for machine setup. The cabin contains all of the required parts and the shaft provides the supporting structure.
What makes us special from other home elevator manufacturer?
Elite Elevators are committed to provide customers with the upmost advanced technology. Most of our products are auto-update software enabled. The cabin is customizable from top to bottom to meet your personal choice. The elevators are equipped with safety features keeping in mind the different age group users. All our products are certified by TÜV SÜV to ensure global standards and no margin for error.
What is TUV SUV certification.
The TUV SUV is an independent authority that checks the safety requirement of products manufactured by industries globally. The organization also serves certification to companies as per the standards of European Lifts, Machinery Directive, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME safety codes) and European Norms Standards (EN).


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Couple years back when I wanted my Grandmom to inaugurate my office in the 3rd floor of my house, she was unable to do it.

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Elite elevators in particular, we felt the only person understood what we were talking about and what we wanted very happy to do business.

Customer Reviews


Couple years back when I wanted my Grandmom to inaugurate my office in the 3rd floor of my house, she was unable to do it.

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