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Elite Elevators is a transnationally renowned organisation providing home mobility solutions in India, UAE, Malaysia, Middle East and Australia with our Head Office based in Chennai. Within a short span of time, we have established ourselves as #1 Home Elevator Company in India and are currently serving thousands of individual property owners. Today we proudly serve thousands of households across India and are honoured to be of assistance for their home mobility.
Our residential lifts are manufactured by ThyssenKrupp in a specialised facility at our Italian factory in Pisa, Italy. Our home lifts can be installed in under construction as well as in existing houses. All our home lifts are tailor made, pit less, requires no machine room and operates on a single-phase electricity. Contrary to conventional or commercial elevators, our home lifts are especially designed for residential purpose for duplexes, bungalows, villas & individual houses. All our home elevators are certified by a third-party organization TUV post installation, this ensures that all our elevators comply with the European standards of safety.
Home Elevators
World’s Safest & Only Certified Home Lift
We are official partners with thyssenkrupp Access which is German based conglomerate having its wings spread across multiple verticals. With a unique blend of German Engineering and Italian Design, our home elevators are cherished and guaranteed to stay till the lifetime of your property.
  • Thyssenkrupp was established in 1811 and has a 200+ years of experience in delivering unique and innovative technological solutions
  • It generated an annual revenue of approximately 42.6 billion Euros and has a talented workforce of over 1,80,000 thriving to achieve excellence in all domains.
  • Thyssenkrupp home elevators are a trademark of supremacy. Our elevators have been praised with numerous prestigious awards and are known for their quality, safety and unique features.
Elite Elevators is the only company in India which provides Certified Home Lifts. Our home lifts go through stringent quality procedures and safety checks, post which they’re certified by TUV which is globally recognized as the best quality control body.
Increases property value
Having a home elevator installed can add significant value to your home, making it a profitable investment. Many prospective homebuyers today gravitate toward homes featuring elevator access. This is because many buyers are looking to the future where accessibility may become a big deal for them, should their mobility diminish. Even if you’re not currently benefitting from every aspect of the elevator, it can significantly increase your home’s resale value.
Ease of use
Just about everyone has had to use an elevator at least once in their life, and residential elevators are no different from commercial models found in business and office buildings. At the push of a button, you could be moving between floors of your house.
Fast Installation
The construction and preparation stage can take as little as 2-3 days with minimal disruption and mess for you and your home.
Residential Lifts
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No 1 Selling Home Elevator in India
Technical Details H300 H200
Technical compliance Machine Directive 2006/42/EC EN81-41/SIL 3 European Machine directive 2006/42/EC Reference standard: EN 81-41/SIL 3
Drive system Gearless with cogbelt drive Hydraulic control unit with indirect action by chains
Rated speed 0.15 m/s up to 0.4 m/s 0.15 m/s up to 0.3 m/s
Rated load Up to 400 kg Up to 400 kg
Travel height Up to 18,000 mm Up to 14,900 mm
Number of stops Max. 6 stops per lift Max. 6 stops per lift
Number of doors Max. 12 doors per lift Max. 12 doors per lift
Pit 140 mm (no pit is required in case of threshold/ramp) 120 mm (no pit is required when there is a threshold/ramp)
Shaft top height 2500 mm in existing shaft / 2600 mm with its own shaf Standard 2300 mm depending on shaft type and landing doors.
Platform control Automatic (one-touch) with call reservation Automatic (one-touch) with call reservation
Environment Indoor / Outdoor Indoor / Outdoor
Emergency lowering Battery operated emergency lowering Battery operated emergency lowering
Control voltage 24V 24V
Vastu Compliant
Our lifts arrive in CKD(Complete Knockdown) condition and all our technical team has to do is just plug and play. We do not require any ducting, taping, welding or any civil modifications at your site. We ensure that the lift occupies a minimal space in your house thereby giving the freedom of movement as well as adding value to your home.
At Elite we take pride in giving specialised attention to every individual customer. You get a personalized representative specifically assigned to your project who’ll coordinate with you and your team for smooth completion of the project.
Modern Home Elevators
Hydraulic Elevators
Maximize The Value Of Your Home
At Elite Elevators We’ll work with you to deliver what is feasible and explore the possibility in your home.
By taking the time to get to know your requirement, we can ensure the product maximizes the potential of your property. Our intention is to deliver the world’s safest elevators for the best possible price.

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We are proud to share that more than 65% of our Sales is through reference. By choosing a thyssenkrupp home elevator, you’re entering a phase of unique experience and guaranteed peace of mind with the World’s Safest Home Elevators.

Mrs. Sudha Devi

Mr. Asad Firdosy

MMr. Rakesh Suri

Mr. Bismi

Mr. Bharath Reddy

Mr. George John

Mr. Alok K.B

We are extremely satisfied with the product and it’s quality. I really want to pay tribute to the combined efforts of your sales and technical team. The technical skills of your engineers together with the design and perfection of thyssenkrupp lift is commendable.

I want to thank you for your service and appreciate the technicians who came to the site. The technical team was extremely nice and efficient. They did a fantastic job in installing the lift and I’m very happy with them. We also appreciate your efforts in getting the entire job done in time.

Being a builder, I would prefer thyssenkrupp lifts for all my sites, but you guys are slightly expensive. However, when it came to my house I chose thyssenkrupp, I had to buy the best.

The lift definitely adds value to your property. It blends easily with the interiors and complies with all the safety regulations as well as it’s completely user friendly. Overall easy to install and provides a grandeur look.

We chose elite considering its elegance and safety. My 95-year-old dad and my 7-year-old child are very comfortable using the elevator – it caters to the comfort and safety of all age groups. Since it is for our personal use, we wanted a premium quality product taking into account the aspects of safety and security. We would take the name and naturally recommend it to everyone.

The reason for us choosing Elite Elevators is because we felt you were the only one who understood what we were talking about and what we wanted. If technology can improve your quality of life, then you should go ahead with it – ThyssenKrupp is the Rolls Royce of Elevators. Good experience with your company and we would recommend it to others who consider having a lift. You’re the best.

With the safety standards I am not scared to let my kids run around and play with it. It adds values to my house and gives a very good ambience with every component customized for me. Security features, customization and the aesthetics would be the three most unique features. Service was never been a problem with ThyssenKrupp. For houses that are about ground level, where elders find it difficult to walk up and down, lift is an essential part of the house today and ThyssenKrupp is the best.

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